(feat. track – Fall Out Boy – “The (After)Life Of The Party”)

Continuing with the posting of my previous years’ Top 10 lists, today you get my Top 10 Albums of 2007.  My assessment when I published this in January of 2008 was that 2007 had been a weak year for music.  And looking back, while I would definitely reconfigure my list some, I think that was a correct assessment.

I just went back and looked over a bunch of critics’ lists from that year, and there’s really not much on their lists either that I would listen to on anything close to a regular basis now.  I think it was a transitional year – a lot of bands were sort of figuring out what to do next (and not being especially successful with it that year), and the next wave of really good bands were a year away.  That said, there are some real winners on this list too – lets not  throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Looking back at my 2007 list, there’s a lot I really haven’t listened to much since then. Maybe it will get better with a couple years’ distance; maybe I was off the mark and a bunch of great releases got by me unnoticed. But regardless, I think it’s pretty certain that 2007 was a weak year for music, the weakest in a while. That said, all of these were enjoyable; perhaps it’s time to pull a couple back out and give a listen again.

10. Ryan Shaw – This Is Ryan Shaw
9. Paolo Nutini – These Streets
8.5 Nightmare Of You – Bang EP
8. Romantica – America
7. Everybody Else – Everybody Else
6. Vampire Weekend – Blue CD-R
5. The Weakerthans – Reunion Tour
4. Frank Turner – Sleep Is For The Week
3. Sherwood – A Different Light
2.5 The Sugi Tap – The Sugi Tap EP
2. Information Society – Synthesizer

and the winner is…

1. Fall Out Boy – Infinity On High