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Make Up for the Silence - Best of 2017!

Makeup For The Silence – Best Of 2017 Mix

Make Up for the Silence - Best of 2017!

When I ambled and rambled my way through a year’s listening habits last December, I noted that for as awful as 2016 was purported to be, it actually wasn’t all that bad as it happened. No, the issue with 2016 wasn’t 2016 at all – it was the certain doom of 2017 floating on the horizon, casting its long and ugly shadow over the year prior, distorting 12 months so fully that, looking back, all we could see in them were the mangled visages of funhouse mirror reflections except, no, these mirrors weren’t funhouse mirrors at all, we actually were all squashed and stretched and made grotesque now. The recent past was a decent past, but all we could see in it was the refracted dread of what was sure to come.

Well, shit. It sure came, didn’t it?

Look, nobody needs another recap of the dumpster-fire-inside-a-tire-fire-inside-a-world-on-fire that was 2017. Living it was plenty awful enough. So let’s just stick to the music.

The eighth* edition of my year-end mixtape has a lot in common with 2017′s, compositionally – a few core songs that were destined to make this list from the moment I heard them, and then a lot of listening to the 300-odd songs that eventually comprised my Top Tracks of 2017 playlist**. I’ve once again avoided the pop hits –- sorry, Selena Gomez and… Charlie Puth? (Charlie Puth?! Chariie Puth!) – because, well, if you want to hear what’s at the top of the charts, I’m sure Spotify will have you covered with one of a hundred auto-programmed 2017 mixes, and if you want a full-on survey mix, others do a better job than I ever would (or would want to.) While some of those pop bangers were essential listening for me this year, I gotta make the cuts somewhere, so why not cut what you’ve undoubtedly heard before? This place was always intended to be personal, not a reflection of anything bigger than myself (or, at most, whatever bigger things reflect off of me).

So what got me good in the disaster year that was 2017?

Well, for one, a lot of shoegaze. While article after article asked when the rock bands would lift up swords against the onslaught, many of the best instead raised their shields – walls of fuzzed-out noise to block out the incoming barrage; cocoons of fire in which to seethe, or roll through the hordes like an American Gladiator-gyroball-juggernaut; or, in the case of returning vets Slowdive, tiny but explosive big-bang-galaxies, a vast and alluring internal starscape check-marked with life-affirming infinities to be stumbled across within.

Mostly, looking inward seemed to be the order of the day. It’s been clear from the start that 2017 was going to be a war, not a battle – who can really blame those who took a little time to lick their wounds after the first skirmish Examinations of interior spaces; self-reflection; self-bolstering; finding forgiveness, for those around us and for ourselves. Steeling ourselves for the fight to come; rediscovering–and reaffirming–the reasons the fight is right, and needed, and vital. Celebrating others, and celebrating our selves, and celebrating the world that’s worth fighting for, a world that’s every bit as full of magic and wonder as it was the year before, even if those things are a little more obscured now.

One thing that isn’t on my list – which is wildly incongruous with what is maybe 2017′s biggest musical story – is pretty much any hip-hop. 2017 was the year rap ate “pop”’s lunch on the pop charts, in a way it hasn’t in over a decade. A great story, but really, I was kinda bummed out by pretty much every major sonic development on the mainstream hip-hop front this year: the xanned-out, tuned-out, tune-free rap of everyone named Lil’ Something; that Migos-triplet thing that was so quickly imitated, even as the members of Migos themselves drove it into the ground; the white dudes (so many white dudes!); even Cardi B, whose Horatio Alger-Cinderella-bootstraps story would make a wonderful movie (one preferably soundtracked by someone else’s music. It was a year ripe with creative innovations and new directions… and none of them felt particularly listenable to me.

(Also, as in the past, most of my rap/hip-hop consumption has been via the radio, so, what the hell, let’s just pretend it was all ineligible anyway.)

This year, we’re back to a mixtape that can’t be found entirely on Spotify. For reasons I can only begin to speculate on, sometime around the middle of the year, the two Hidden Ambulances tracks on this mix disappeared from the internet entirely – streaming, paid download, YouTube, everywhere. The band even vanished from Facebook. (Hoard your mp3s, kids!) So I highly recommend downloading this year’s mix.***

Makeup For The Silence – Best Of 2017

  1. Hang On Me – St. Vincent
  2. Heel Theme – Mansions
  3. Hole – Hundredth
  4. Everything Now – Arcade Fire
  5. Forgiveness – Paramore
  6. Take Me With U – Susanna Hoffs
  7. War & Wildflowers – Onlychild
  8. Don’t Let The Clowns – Hidden Ambulances
  9. Dawning – DMA’s
  10. Once In A Lifetime – The Night Game
  11. The Stack – White Reaper
  12. Nearby Catfight – Milk Teeth
  13. Shopping Is A Feeling – WHAT WHAT WHAT
  14. These Heaux – Bhad Bhabie
  15. Boys – Charli XCX
  16. A Better Sun – Sorority Noise
  17. Jaded – Winter
  18. Backyard – Sløtface
  19. How Do You Feel? – The Maine
  20. Aeronaut – Billy Corgan
  21. Star Roving – Slowdive
  22. Splendid Charm – Hidden Ambulances

click image to download

For once, I’m NOT going to promise to be back tomorrow with something-or-other and then not follow through on it. I do have my Top Ten Albums of 2017 prepared, at least in list form. I’d like to write about them, and I’m hoping that I’ll find the time over the next couple weeks to do so, though perhaps not as extensively as in past years.

One of my projects for 2017 is to move this blog from Tumblr to…somewhere else. WordPress maybe? I’m not really sure. Somewhere where I can restore my links page and better archive all the things I’ve written for publication. To be honest, between the death of the Tumblr music writing community (such as it was in, say, 2011 – there might be a whole new one now for all I know!) and the fact that Tumblr eating my HTML has rendered one of the key parts of this page useless – not to mention the uncertainty of Tumblr’s future itself – I’ve been left hesitant to invest much time over here. Especially because I know what a beast of a project relocating all of this will be.

I put myself on a couple social media diets in 2017, and while they were nice while they lasted, they were, like most diets, hard to stick to. For 2018 I want to take that break a little more seriously. I’d like to spend a little more time in the rich and unexplored (by me) past – I’ve got at least a hundred books in my office that I’ve been meaning to read and haven’t cracked – and a little less in the undifferentiated firehose of the present. I’d also like to spend more time focused on writing rather than constant consumption. (Turns out exposure isn’t the only Oregon-Trail-related death a writer needs to be concerned about in 2018!) (Let me be someone else’s consumption problem!) So, I’m going to spend the next couple weeks digesting the last bits of 2017 – reading end-of-year stuff I didn’t get around to for lack of time, hopefully writing my own end-of-year stuff – and then I’m going to flip off the lights on Twitter and Facebook for a while.

If I’m right, that means you might be seeing more of me here, or wherever “here” winds up being.

So, until then, friends. We’ve got to make 2018 better than 2017; we can’t afford not to. Time to get (back) to work.

*You can always find the complete collection of mixes which have appeared on Makeup For The Silence, as well as all the playlists I’ve contributed to elsewhere, right over here.

**I’ve archived my 2017 list and rolled my 2018 one right on top, so if you were subscribed, you should be following 2018 now. If not, follow along right here.

***That said… you can stream what’s streamable here.

Preludes for Quaaludes Mix cover art

Preludes For Quaaludes Mix

Preludes for Quaaludes Mix cover art

Part I

It is an absolutely miserable day outside.  It’s just above freezing, but the fine mist that’s falling has turned it into the kind of cold that cuts right through a couple of hoodies and absolutely chills you to the bone.

I generally love winter, but there’s no denying that February can be a hard month.  It’s still dark for most of the day, the snow has gotten wearying, the city is covered in grime, from street to buildings to sky, a pallid gray on gray on gray.

There’s two ways to attack the winter blues.  Sometimes you turn on all the lights, crank up some happy tunes, and pretend that summer is on it’s way.

But sometimes, you just want to wallow in the misery, find its comfortable cracks, like folds in the bedsheets, and slip on inside.  I made a pair of mixes a few years back to fit those moods.

I know I can’t be the only one feeling like this right now. So if you need it, I hope this helps. And if you don’t, grab them anyway, because we’ve all been there and we’ll all be there again.

Here’s to brighter days ahead.

Preludes For Quaaludes

  1. Suzanne Vega – 99.9F°
  2. Sneaker Pimps – Post-Modern Sleaze
  3. The Early November – The Power Of Love
  4. Nick Drake – Things Behind The Sun
  5. Old 97s – Valium Waltz
  6. Shelby Lynne – Black Light Blue
  7. Suede – She’s Not Dead
  8. Slobberbone – Live On In The Dark
  9. Pinback – AFK
  10. Wang Chung – Dance Hall Days
  11. The Dandy Warhols – Good Morning

(click album cover to download)

Endless Bummer Mix cover art

Endless Bummer Mix

Endless Bummer Mix cover art

Part II

Another mix in which to swaddle your winter blues

Endless Bummer

  1. Aimee Mann – Wise Up
  2. JamisonParker – Tearing Through Me
  3. Bush – Letting The Cables Sleep
  4. Jim Bryson – Death By Vibration
  5. Morphine – Souvenir
  6. Cause & Effect – Sinking
  7. Radiohead – Climbing Up The Walls
  8. I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness – Long Walk
  9. Rivulets – Heartless
  10. Sugar – Frustration
  11. The Beach Boys – Caroline, No

(click album cover to download)

Sigur Rós – “Svefn-g-englar”

Sigur Rós – “Svefn-g-englar”

It’s snowing again.  We had 18 inches earlier this week – the second storm of that size this winter – and now it’s snowing again.  It feels like it’s never going to stop.  Not that I’m complaining, I love the snow, especially when it’s coming down lightly like this, just a skyful of flakes lazily drifting down through the atmosphere, dusting hoodies and tickling noses before joining their brothers in frozen arms in the piles lining the streets and atop the cars plowed in along them.

I have this one perfect memory, from the winter of 2002.  I’m driving through Connecticut on I-395 (I’ll actually get into why in another post I’m working on, but it’s not important). It’s maybe 7:00am; I’m the only car on the scenic four-lane highway that I can see.  The sun is just risen, bright and bold, burning low over the horizon, reflecting off freshly falling snow, casting little prisms of light through my windshield, the landscape glittering around me.  I put this CD in my stereo and turn the volume up as far as it can go, until the sound positively surrounds me, the air in the car thick with its swells, it has a palpable density, i am submerged in a tank of sound.  And as the music trails off towards the middle of the song, it leaves just Jonsi’s ethereal, otherworldly voice, as crystalline as the fallen snow, and I am overcome.  It was a moment of what I can only describe as pure transcendent beauty; like the universe was cracking open to show me a little something it had tucked away for only the lucky to see; like a wholly Holy-sanctioned peek between the curtains at the ark of the covenant.

I can only hope you’re fortunate enough to experience a moment or two like this in your life.

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