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Makeup for the Silence – Best of 2015 Mix

Makeup for the Silence - Best of 2015 Mix

A third of this year’s Makeup For The Silence – Best Of mix (the sixth* edition running!) is made up of no-brainer inclusions – singles that blew my socks off from the first listen and held up across the year. The second third was simply a matter of figuring out which of a number of great tracks from the same artists would slot in best. That third third, though… It was an ugly process this year, attempting to sort through the remaining 170-or-so songs in my Top Tracks Of 2015 longlist** – most of which were of roughly equivalent awesomeness – and arrive at something that both encapsulates what 2015 sounded like to me*** and finds some sort of flow.

As a result, this year’s mix would have been very different had I gone down any number of different paths. The mix that I settled on is one that’s a little harder to pin down than in years past. It’s more of a bummer than last year; while that mix had a lot of righteous anger, this one spends more time toying with melancholia. It leans  groove-heavy, like 2013′s mix; but that album was more sunny than this year’s downer disco. It’s sillier than one of these has been in a while, but more ruminative too.

Ultimately, it feels very true to a year where the big highs were nearly matched by big lows, with the two connected by a lot of unsettling space between – both personally, and on a societal level. Plus, not only does it make for a great front-to-back listen, it answers important questions, like: What if the ‘00s premier big dumb hair-metal revivalists set their sites on the sounds brainier heshers like The Cult? What if David Gilmour had been backed by Crazy Horse instead of Pink Floyd? What happens when a largely forgotten college rock fave gets a hold of Ryan Adams’ cast-offs? And, if you grind a man’s rib in a centrifuge, mix it with cardamom and cloves and then microwave it on the “popcorn” setting, what do you get?

Ok, enough blah, blah, blah.. Less talk, more rock I say! The Best Of 2015 is here. Download, listen, enjoy!

Makeup For The Silence – Best Of 2015

1. Heavydirtysoul – Twenty One Pilots
2. Give Thanks (Get Lost) – Pet Symmetry
3. Laughing In The Sugar Bowl – Veruca Salt
4. Beck And Call – Sundressed
5. The Shade – Metric
6. Black Heart – Carly Rae Jepsen
7. Valkyrie – Battle Tapes
8. Collect My Love (feat. Alex Newell) – The Knocks
9. Thank God For Girls – Weezer
10. Song Of The Sparrow – SayWeCanFly
11. Open Fire – The Darkness
12. Universe-sized Arms – Chris Stamey
13. Revelator Eyes – The Paper Kites
14. In The Clouds – Diamond Youth
15. Shock The Money – Local H
16. Hollow – Mayday Parade
17. Drag Scene – See Through Dresses
18. Dresser Drawer – Better Off
19. The Biggest Bar Night Of The Year – Baggage
20. English Girls – The Maine
21. Baby Love – Petite Meller
22. Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd) – Elder Brother

click image to download****

Stay tuned, The yearly Top Ten will begin tomorrow soon*****.

*You can always find the complete collection of mixes which have appeared on Makeup For The Silence, as well as all the playlists I’ve contributed to elsewhere, right over here.


**I’ve archived my 2015 list and rolled my 2016 one right on top, so if you were subscribed, you should be following 2016 now. If not, follow along right here.

***As always, my “no big pop hits” rule applies – and this time out, be thankful, or else you’d basically have a whole disc of nothing but Drake, Fetty Wap, The Weeknd and Kanye.

****Or stream (most) of it on Spotify here

*****Between caring for an infant, studying for the FL bar exam and some job-related things that are in the works, the timing of this year’s Top Ten may be a little erratic. That said, if all goes as planned, we start counting down… tomorrow!

OK Go Live Review

now playing: Iron And Wine – The Creek Drank The Cradle [spotify] – An Angry Blade [spotify]

OK Go were fucking fantastic last nite. If you haven’t caught their live show, you MUST, even if you’re not a huge fan of the music, they are just insane on stage. They’re very talented multi-instrumentalists so there’s a lot of instrument switching, including a 2nd drum kit. Damian prances around onstage like Dennis Lyxzen on a sugar high. The whole thing is just so giddily energetic that you can’t help but get caught up in it. I love bands that actually look like they’re having fun onstage 🙂

The big surprise for me were openers The Plus Ones, who I’d never heard before. Everything I’ve seen about them refers to them as pop-punk, but they’re about as straight-up a power-pop band as I’ve ever heard. Somewhere between Big Star and Weezer, they fit in really well on the bill and played a set of just insanely hooky tunes. I picked up one of their CDs, haven’t given it a spin yet.


So I’m looking at OK Go stuff online, and I just discovered they’re from Chicago, but I swear I already knew. It’s weird how sometimes you can just hear a band and peg the scene they’re from. Last night, about two songs into OK Go, I had this revelation that they would fit perfectly into the mid-90s Chicago Fig Dish / Veruca Salt / 3riplefastaction / Local H scene, cuz their sound is a total hybrid of that. I really had know idea at the time that they actually WERE from Chicago.


Rhett tonite!

Is this more than some old summer fling?
This thing we have, will it mean anything?
When October rolls around
will you
sober up
and let me down…

originally posted 1/25/03

Now Playing: Weezer – “My Name Is Jonas”

now playing: Weezer – The Blue Album [spotify] – My Name Is Jonas [spotify]

Actually, no, I’m not really listening to anything, I’m at work. But that song’s playing in my head. I heard it on the radio (the radio!) yesterday and it got stuck. I’m in no rush to dislodge it.


If you’re listening…
Sing it back…

originally written 1/20/03

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