by Jesse Richman

Now that it’s wrapped, I’m not sure what to say about SXSW
2015 that hasn’t already been written about ad
by every major music publication. Smaller and less corporate?
Check. Fewer celeb/superstar cameos? Check. Rain-drenched? Soggy-ass check.
Something about Courtney Barnett and/or Halsey? Well, I’m still not entirely
sure whether Courtney is a man or a woman or something else entirely, never
mind what they sound like or if they’re the next big thing, because I didn’t
see them and I’m going on name alone. And the only Halsey I know is Paul
McCartney’s “Admiral.” But uhh, yeah, sure, check. Done. Next.

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I’m back from SXSW and getting back into the groove of things. I’ll have links to all of my content from there posted today, in case you missed any of it. In the meantime, a six hour flight delay led to my writing quite an epic wrap-up of the week. I hope it’s worth your time and, if so, that you might consider passing it around.