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Cause & Effect’s Rob Rowe interview preview

Cause & Effect – “You Think You Know Her” from Another Minute

I discovered Cause & Effect when the band played a B104.1-promoted show in my hometown of Allentown, PA. I’m not 100% certain, but I believe it was at Mayfair in 1992. B104 was never my station of choice – their mix of past-their-prime hits and VH-1-core pop wasn’t exactly targeted at my 12-year-old tastes – but it was fairly inescapable in those days, the go-to background music in 90% of Allentown’s grocery stores and dental offices.

I’m certain that live appearance was the only reason the station was even spinning “You Think You Know Her,” a propulsive, vaguely goth-y bit of synthpop with echos of mid-80s Depeche Mode. It certainly didn’t sound like anything else they played, which made it an instant standout in my ears, a song that stuck with me well after it ceased getting airplay (presumably the day after the show).

Still, it wasn’t easy to keep track of a band in those pre-internet days, and it wasn’t until the video for “It’s Over Now,” the lead single from Cause & Effect’s second album, 1994’s Trip, popped up on 120 Minutes that I caught back up with them. That was the track that sold me, a doomy, wounded coming-to-terms with serious emotional heft and big, dark hooks for days. I ran out and bought Trip; it remains a favorite to this day.

Since then, I’ve made an effort to keep up to date on their sporadic activity: an independent CD, some remixes, and a series of EPs, including the still-in-progress Artificial Construct trilogy. And while the band’s sound has morphed over the years, from full-on electronica to hushed ballads and back around again, the core of vocalist/songwriter Rob Rowe’s style has persisted recognizably throughout. It doesn’t hurt that, though releases from the band have been rare, they’ve all been consistently good.

Last year, Rowe launched a solo project under the name Whitewaits. That project’s first LP, An Elegant Exit, is the best thing he’s done since Trip, a dynamic work packed with smart, well-crafted songs, and it made its way into my 2013 Top Ten. Indeed, it was my posting here on An Elegant Exit that led him to reach out to me.

After a brief email exchange and a couple games of schedule-tag, I had the privilege of chatting with Rob Rowe for over an hour this past February. Our wide-ranging conversation touched on Cause & Effect, Whitewaits and the music industry, past, present and future, all filtered through the lens of Rowe’s life as a musician and a man, wrestling with the stuff life throws at all of us.

Over the next few days, I’ll be posting the results here. I hope you read – aside from being a bit of personal wish-fulfillment, it’s one of the most enjoyable and insightful interviews I’ve conducted. As I’ve done more and more work for other outlets over the last few years, I’ve sadly grown negligent about posting original content here at Makeup For The Silence. Let this be the start of that changing.

Blogger Spotlight: James Shotwell (Haulix)


Hello and welcome to final Blogger Spotlight of the week. The interview you are about to read was written and conducted by music writer Jesse Richman at our request. If you have any questions regarding the content of this blog, or if you would like to learn more information about the services offered by Haulix, please email and share your thoughts. We can also be found on Twitter and Facebook.

You might not recognize the name James Shotwell at first glance, but if you’re here reading the Haulix blog (and I know you are, because you’re reading this right now! gotcha!), you’re actually intimately familiar with his work. Yes, James is the man behind the keyboard here at Haulix, turning the spotlight on industry professionals of every stripe with his interviews, offering advice on publicity, marketing and more to bands, and keying you in to the newest features of Haulix’s platform. Think about that for a moment — how is one man capable of writing about, or even qualified to write about, all of this stuff?

Well, as it turns out, this isn’t James Shotwell’s first rodeo. I’ve long known James as the founder of Under The Gun Review, one of the best sources on the Internet for insightful, smartly-written commentary on the latest in music, film, comedy and more. (He’s also the guy who put up with a full week of my snoring at last year’s SXSW, which means he’s either a living saint or a crazy person. I’ll let you be the judge of that). Still, as I discovered in this interview, there’s a lot more to James than even I knew. Instead of boring you any further, I’ll just let the man tell you about himself, in his own words, below.

If you would like to learn more about James, make sure you follow his thoughts and observations on Twitter. Additional questions and comments can be left at the end of this post.


H: I think we’re all pretty familiar with who you are and who you work for, but what is your official title here at Haulix, and what does it actually mean you do here?

J: Well my name is James and I am the marketing coordinator here at Haulix. I run organize and execute all social media campaigns, run the blog, research promotion opportunities, and generally do my best to make sure the Haulix brand is being represented well both online and off.

Read More

So as you might remember, my buddy James interviewed me for the Haulix blog a few months back. Today, I got to flip the script on him! Turns out, there’s more to the guy than just a tireless work ethic and an ability to sleep through damn near anything, but if you want the deets, you’ve gotta click thru…

If you are in the future, you are about to read my Top Twelve Albums of 2013

if you are in the present, we now return you to your regularly scheduled program, already in progress

(which is to say things are getting back to normal around here!)

((and don’t forget, you can find all my past Top Ten’s right here!)


Starting today, I’ll be counting down my Top Albums of the last year, one a day til we hit #1. 

I’m sticking to the same approach as last year, lumping all of an artist’s releases for the year into one entry. Unlike last year, this didn’t effect things very much; nobody who made my list put out multiple releases that might have rated on their own.

Also like last year, I’m creating one list that lumps together LPs, EPs, 7"s, etc. I’ll be damned if I can distinguish between which label is proper anymore half the time. Is a 7-song release an EP even if the artist calls it an LP? What about a 7" that’s also a digital single? What about demos? Ultimately, there’s nothing to be gained by trying to sort it out – they’re labels that are essentially meaningless when determining accomplishment, value and enjoyment.

I wrote very few album reviews this year, though I did do a number of interviews, album previews, festival coverage and other writing. For any act on the list about which I wrote, I’ll link to my piece(s).

Finally, as always, there’s more than ten entries on this Top Ten list. So without further ado, here comes #12!

Simple Math 2013: Add It Up

Violent Femmes – Add It Up

I don’t think I’m going to have nearly as much to say this time around as I did in last year’s Simple Math. I once again fell short on plans to expand my writing venues (though, as usual, there is stuff brewing which may or may not come to fruition), but that said, I compensated by greatly expanding the sorts of pieces I wrote this year over at PropertyOfZack. (As always, links to everything I’ve written here). It’s been comforting to see the site grow along with me, to see our staff grow and mature and, along with that, allow me to range further afield from the bread-and-butter reviews writing. I actually see myself doing more reviews this year – I rather miss digging into a piece of work in detail like that – but all the actual listening involved is terrible time-consuming, time I find myself less and less willing to dedicate. Domesticity is really underrated, isn’t it?* I greatly enjoy having the freedom to spend time outside the review rubric, and I plan to continue taking advantage of that.

*There is one bit I need to work on for myself – when I’m hanging out w my fiancee (feels great to type that, btw!) I need to get more OK with ignoring her to work on writing. It’s not any pressure that she’s ever put on me, it’s merely that I feel neglectful when I’m ignoring her in favor of my own work. It’s silly and I need to get over it.

I would like, this year, to start writing more for other outlets, just as I said I would last year and the year before; it’s the stuff that comes before the writing that keeps holding me up. Perhaps I really need to commit to exploring my options more, and to knocking on doors – they ain’t gonna open themselves. One Week One Band was a blast, and I want to keep pushing myself on that sort of thing as well – I’ve had a couple ideas in the past for true deep dives – either a) writing my way through a band’s catalog (see either my friend Will Stegemann’s A Year Of Billy Joel or the great Matthew Perpetua’s REM blog Pop Songs 07-08 for some ideas), or else b) working on a book / extensive series of articles similar to Steven Hyden’s marvelous Whatever Happened To Alternative Nation (though, as is typical of me, probably regarding subject matter about which I’d prove not just the author but also the majority of the audience). Perhaps by actually announcing it here I’ll motivate myself to do more than think about it and begin at least putting some preliminary content down.

I also totally failed on last year’s pledge to listen to fewer podcasts; indeed, it only got worse this year. There’s such a glut of content out there, good content, that it’s literally impossible for me to keep up on it all, and the truth is a lot of times I enjoy listening to music discussion (or some of the other stuff I keep up on via podcast, like sports and tech) even more than I enjoy listening to the music being discussed. I do want to listen to more music in 2014, but I think what I really need to do is to just listen to what I enjoy and resolve to not give myself unnecessary agita over it. I started listening to music because I enjoyed it; if I’m listening to podcasts because I enjoy them, I shouldn’t feel any sort of angst over that. If someone wants to pay me for my listening time, I’ll listen to what I need to; outside of that, my plan is to simply take pleasure in listening to whatever pleases me.

So how did I spend my listening time this year? As of December 31st, 2013:

  • By my count, over the course of the year I listened to 139 LPs, EPs, 7″s, splits or comps released in 2013.
  • There were 1,588 songs released in 2013 added to my iTunes this year.
  • In total, songs from 2013 added to my iTunes library this year received 2,293 plays. I had an additional 544 streams on Spotify. In total**, I had 2,837 plays this year.**I also had a number of plays via YouTube and Bandcamp, unfortunately I don’t really have a way to tally them.
  • My albums with the most track plays were***:
  1. Kanye West – Yeezus (136)
  2. Fall Out Boy – Save Rock And Roll (90)
  3. The Summer Set – Legendary (71)
  4. Transit – Young New England (67)
  5. Little Bombs – New Album Demos (49)***as always, this skews toward albums I reviewed / was planning to review. Excluding Legendary and Young New England, Sparks The Rescue – Truth Inside The Fiction (35) would have been next up
  • My most played songs were****
  1. Cassadee Pope – Good Times (17)
  2. Fall Out Boy – My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (15)
  3. Kanye West – New Slaves (14)
  4. Kanye West – On Sight (14)
  5. Kanye West – I’m In It (14)****I honestly have no explanation for that Cassadee Pope track – I can’t even remember what it sounds like. It might be a scrobbling error. Moving past tracks where the whole album received a great deal of play and on to true® singles, The Reign Of Kindo – Feeling In The Night and Francis & the Lights – Etc. both clock in at (11).
  • I attended 58 individual shows this year, along with 2 days of Skate & Surf, 34 shows over 6 days of SXSW, 1 day of Governor’s Ball, 1 day of Warped Tour, 3 days of Riot Fest Chicago, 14 shows over 3 days of CMJ, and 5 shows during a Las Vegas trip, for a total of 118 shows.
  • At these shows/festivals, I saw (by my inexact count) 309 different sets played.
  • While I only wrote 3 album/single reviews this year (along with 7 lighthearted Christmas reviews), I refocused much of my writing time to other music-related writing. I wrote 1 live performance review, took part in 28 interviews, wholly authored 2 feature pieces and contributed to 29 others, filed 8 pieces from SXSW and 1 from Riot Fest, contributed entries/blurbs to 23 POZ Staff Playlists, and wrote 17 pieces on The Maine for One Week One Band. It’s easily the most writing I’ve done in a year yet.

The full list of albums and EPs from 2013***** that I’ve listened to this year, alphabetical by artist, is after the cut.

***** I think these are all 2013 releases; I did my best to cull out stuff released prior, but no promises.

  1. Against Me! – True Trans
  2. Alkaline Trio – My Shame Is True
  3. All There – All There
  4. Allison Weiss – Say What You Mean
  5. Andrew McMahon – The Pop Underground
  6. Balance & Composure – The Things We Think We’re Missing
  7. The Band Perry – Pioneer
  8. Betty Who – The Movement
  9. Beyonce – Beyonce
  10. Big Sean – Hall Of Fame
  11. Boys – Demo 2013
  12. Brett Detar – Too Free To Live
  13. Bring Me The Horizon – Sempiternal
  14. Butch Walker – Peachtree Battle
  15. Cartel – Collider
  16. Cassadee Pope – Frame By Frame
  17. Chance the Rapper – Acid Rap
  18. Chvrches – The Bones Of What You Believe
  19. Citizen – Youth
  20. Conditions – Full Of War
  21. Dads – Pretty Good
  22. Daft Punk – Random Access Memories
  23. David Bowie – The Next Day
  24. Daylight – Jar
  25. Deafheaven – Sunbather
  26. The Dear Hunter – Migrant
  27. Defeater – Letters Home
  28. Depeche Mode – Delta Machine
  29. Desaparecidos – Anonymous / The Left Is Right
  30. Drake – Nothing Was The Same
  31. Edelweiss – Honduras
  32. Fall Out Boy – PAX AM Days
  33. Fall Out Boy – Save Rock And Roll
  34. Follakzoid – II
  35. Francis & The Lights – Like A Dream
  36. Frank Turner – Tape Deck Heart
  37. The Front Bottoms – Talon of the Hawk
  38. Gin Wigmore – Gravel & Wine
  39. A Great Big Pile of Leaves – You’re Always On My Mind
  40. Haim – Days Are Gone
  41. Have Mercy – The Earth Pushed Back
  42. The Here And Now – Born to Make Believe Part 1
  43. The History of Apple Pie – Out Of View
  44. I Is Another – I Is Another
  45. Icona Pop – This Is… Icona Pop
  46. Into It. Over It. – Intersections
  47. Jay Z – Magna Carta… Holy Grail
  48. Jimmie Deeghan – Cheap Therapy
  49. Jonny Craig – Find What You Love and Let It Kill You
  50. The Joy Formidable – Wolf’s Law
  51. Justin Bieber – Believe (Acoustic)
  52. Justin Timberlake – The 20/20 Experience
  53. Justin Timberlake – The 20/20 Experience – Part 2 of 2
  54. K. Flay – West Ghost
  55. Kanye West – Yeezus
  56. Katy Perry – Prism
  57. Kitten – Like a Stranger
  58. Kitty – D.A.I.S.Y. Rage
  59. Lacey Caroline – Songbird
  60. Lady Gaga – Artpop
  61. The Limousines – Hush
  62. Little Bombs – Strange / My Oxygen
  63. Little Bombs – Subway Rat Bite
  64. Little Bombs – New Album Mixes
  65. Lorde – Pure Heroine
  66. Lydia – Devil
  67. The Maine – Forever Halloween
  68. The Maine – Live at Flying Blanket Studios
  69. The Maine – Live in Sao Paolo
  70. Man Overboard – Acoustic Covers Vol 1
  71. Mansions – Doom Loop
  72. Mayday Parade – Monsters in the Closet
  73. Miley Cyrus – Bangerz
  74. Moving Mountains – Moving Mountains
  75. Murder By Death – As You Wish: Kickstarter Covers
  76. My Bloody Valentine – mbv
  77. My Chemical Romance – Conventional Weapons
  78. The Neighborhood – I Love You.
  79. Nine Inch Nails – Hesitation Marks
  80. Olafur Arnalds – For Now I Am Winter
  81. OMD – English Electric
  82. Panic! at the Disco – Too Weird To Live, Too Rare to Die
  83. Paramore – Paramore
  84. Parquet Courts – Light Up Gold
  85. Paul McCartney – New
  86. Pearl Jam – Lightning Bolt
  87. Pentimento – Inside The Sea
  88. Polyenso – One Big Particular Loop
  89. Puig Destroyer – Puig Destroyer
  90. Pusha T – My Name Is My Name
  91. Raine Maida – We All Get Lighter
  92. The Ready Set – I’ll Be Waiting
  93. Real Friends – Put Yourself Back Together
  94. The Reign Of Kindo – Play With Fire
  95. Rhye – Woman
  96. Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines
  97. roboteyes – roboteyes
  98. A Rocket to the Moon – Wild & Free
  99. Run the Jewels – Run the Jewels
  100. Sainthood Reps – Headswell
  101. Savages – Silence Yourself
  102. Shone – Heat Thing
  103. Sleigh Bells – Bitter Rivals
  104. Smallpools – Smallpools
  105. Sombear – Love You In The Dark
  106. Some Stranger – Some Stranger
  107. Sparks The Rescue – Truth Inside the Fiction
  108. Squid the Whale – Four More
  109. The Story So Far – What You Don’t See
  110. The Strokes – Comedown Machine
  111. Suede – Bloodsports
  112. The Summer Set – Legendary
  113. Tancred – Tancred
  114. Tegan & Sara – Heartthrob
  115. Their / They’re / There – Their / They’re / There
  116. Tilian – Material Me
  117. Title Fight – Spring Songs
  118. Tommy & The High Pilots – Only Human
  119. Touche Amore – Is Survived By
  120. Transit – Young New England
  121. Twenty One Pilots – Vessel
  122. Twin Forks – EP
  123. Twin Forks – Tour EP Vol 1
  124. Vampire Weekend – Modern Vampires of the City
  125. The Venetia Fair – Every Sick, Disgusting Thought We Have In Our Brain
  126. Vinnie Caruana – City By The Sea
  127. Washed Out – Paracosm
  128. Waxahatchee – Cerulean Salt
  129. Whitewaits – An Elegant Exit
  130. William Backett – Genuine & Counterfeit
  131. William Beckett – The Pioneer Sessions
  132. William Control – Live In London Town
  133. William Control – Skeleton Strings
  134. The Wonder Years – The Greatest Generation
  135. The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die – Whenever, If Ever
  136. Young Statues – Age Isn’t Ours
  137. 2 Chainz – B.O.A.T.S. II: Metime
  138. The 1975 – The 1975
  139. VA – See A Little Light: Bob Mould & Friends In Concert

Put a Ring On It

Beyonce – Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)

I liked it a lot, so I put a whole bunch of rings on it

Happy New Years (to me!) Year-end posts to commence tomorrow.

POZ Staff 10Of’13: Jesse Richman, Adrienne Fisher



We’ve been blasting our band and label 10Of’13 lists over the past week, and PropertyOfZack is now happy continue rolling on with staff lists as well for our year end feature. Up next are two lists from Senior Writer Jesse Richman and Managing Editor Adrienne Fisher. Check out both lists below and check back each day for more!

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POZ 10Of’13: Staff Albums Of The Year 
POZ Discussion: Best Surprise Releases Of Second Half Of 2013  

Read More

As always, I’ll be doing my full year-end suite of posts here in the upcoming weeks – crunching numbers, summarizing, mixtaping, and of course counting down my favorite albums of the year.

One big New Year’s Resolution – fewer reposts from POZ (and other places I’m writing at – more to come on that…), more original content here. This year I really diversified what I was writing elsewgere, breaking out of the review box to do a lot more longform, editorial, and deeper-dive stuff; as a side effect, I almost forgot that I had a spot here with the freedom to write about whatever’s on my mind, whether or not it made sense to publish or was timely or whatnot. I don’t think I’ll be making that mistake again.


If you want a (unranked) preview of what might be to come (I reserve the right to change my picks over the next two weeks, because really, who’s gonna stop me?) go ahead and click through. 2013’s been a trip.


In a lovely bit of coincidence, my list seems to have been paired with that of fellow former-Allentonian Adrienne Fisher, once my camper at Camp JCC, now a truly excellent writer who I am immensely privileged to work with on the regs. 

In Defense Of Outrage: A Response



We’re pretty sure that, by now, you’ve heard about the female crowdsurfer who planted an unwanted kiss on vocalist Parker Cannon during The Story So Far’s show in Houston last week. In fact, we know that you’ve heard about it, because an astounding number of you liked, reblogged and shared our news post on the story.

Yesterday, we published a piece from Editor-in-Chief Erik van Rheenen titled In Defense Of Boundaries, which addressed the unspoken contract between band and fan. But working on that piece got us wondering — why is it that this particular story has blown up the way it has? What does the overwhelming interest we’ve seen in this story tell us about our scene?

We don’t think there’s a single answer to that question — it’s the result of many factors. But one of those factors sticks out like a sore thumb. Today, in the next piece in our In Defense Of… series, senior Staff Writer Jesse Richman asks why we’re so outraged… or more pointedly, why are we only getting outraged now?

Related Stories:
In Defense Of Boundaries 
Never Do This At A Show, Ever

by Jesse Richman, edited by Erik van Rheenen

Let me preface this by making one thing clear: Erik van Rheenen is 100 percent right. (So are most of our readers, judging from the feedback to both his In Defense Of Boundaries piece and our original news post on the incident). It’s unequivocally not OK to kiss someone without their consent, whether it’s in a private room or on a stage in front of hundreds of people.

But what is it about this particular incident that has it racking up an astounding 1,600+ likes and reblogs on our site? Why did it generate 800 comments in a thread on AbsolutePunk? Or, to break out of our own bubble for a bit, why did a similar (if more salacious) on-stage assault of rapper Danny Brown earlier this year spawn a thousand thinkpieces?

Why is it that a quick peck on Parker Cannon’s lips generates twice the buzz as a story about New Years Day’s Ash Costello being repeatedly sexually assaulted by a member of Blood On The Dance Floor? Why is it that, when Mariel Loveland of Candy Hearts details her own experiences with ingrained sexism in the scene, not only does it barely register a blip on the radar, but inevitably draws the sort of commenters who insist on proving her point via their own cluelessly sexist feedback? And why is it that it never stopseven when you’re Hayley Williams, Queen of the Punk Universe? (Or Florence Welch, or Lady Gaga?)

Why is it that when the drummer for Bellwether is accused of sexual assault, so much of the Internet leaps to his defense, or calls for prudence, as though false rape accusations aren’t astoundingly rare? I’ve never been a teenage girl, but I imagine coming forward as a rape victim doesn’t win you any popularity contests in high school, and takes roughly a metric fuckton of courage.

Why is it that we have no qualms calling Cannon’s assailant a “bitch,” a “fucking slut,” and a “fangirl” (because only female fans do fucked-up things, right?), as if her actions, wrong as they were, give us some kind of free pass to say shit we know is deeply awful?

Read More

I wrote a thing regarding sexism in the pop-punk scene, and outrage, or the unfortunate lack of it. People seem to be responding well. Perhaps you’d like to read and share? I’d appreciate it.

Also, sorry things have been so dead around here; work and my POZ writing have been keeping me busy, (as has domestic bliss!) Things will get real busy over here in a couple weeks as I post all my regular year-end stuff, I promise!

POZ Riot Fest Chicago Preview: Our Must-See Bands And Artists (Day One)



Riot Fest Chicago kicks off this weekend, and PropertyOfZack has never been more excited for a festival. Just in case you haven’t put together your schedule, we thought it’d be a great idea to put together a list of POZ’s Must See Bands And Artists that will be gracing the stage this weekend in Chicago. Reblog and let us know who we need to see while we’re at the first day of Riot this weekend as well!

Read More

Stoked to be headed out to Riot Fest in Chicago this weekend for three days of music and friends! One of the best festival lineups I’ve ever seen, capped off by the Replacements reunion that I honestly was never sure would happen.

I’ll be contributing to a bunch of our preview pieces, as well as filing some content from the festival itself, and hopefully bagging a number of interviews that will run in the coming weeks.

If any of y’all happen to be going, give me a shout!

Blogger Spotlight: Jesse Richman (PropertyOfZack)


Another Monday has found its way into existence, and here we are once again with a new Haulix Blogger Spotlight. This feature is the longest running on our still-young blog, and this week it gains one of its lengthier entries to date. If you have someone you would like to nominate for a future installment of this series, including yourself, please do not hesitate to email and share your story.

PropertyOfZack founder Zack Zarrillo was the very first blogger to be featured in this series, but only a fool would think everything POZ has accomplished in recent years resulted from the efforts of one barely twenty-something with a laptop and a lot of big ideas. In fact, the contributing staff that helps keep POZ atop the alternative news game numbers in the dozens, and amongst them lies one curious soul by the name of Jesse Richman. He may not be the top news writer in digital journalism, but his work on artist features has helped widen the gap between POZ and their closest competitors while simultaneously helping usher in a new wave of talent to alternative scene.

Sometimes you meet influential people in the strangest of places, and other times it’s more a twist of fate. For Jesse Richman and I the latter was definitely the case. SXSW 2013 was fast approaching and before I could log on to book a hotel I learned all rooms in the immediate vicinity of downtown Austin were completely booked. A chance conversation with Zack Zarrillo put me in contact with Jesse, and before long I had found a temporary home with him less than a mile from Austin’s biggest events. We had never met or spoken before arriving, but in the days that followed I was able to watch his masterwork first hand as Jesse prepared and conducted interview after interview with talent from all walks of life. In between press events he would catch bands, usually chosen ahead of time to maximize coverage, and on the off-chance he found himself with a free moment he would begin working on his posts for the following day via phone or laptop. His work ethic is unlike anything I have witnessed elsewhere in the industry, and it’s an honor to share his story here today.

We spoke with Jesse about his life before music, what got him interested in writing in the first place, and where he sees the music industry headed in the years ahead. You can read his thoughts on all this, as well as few details on what PropertyOfZack has in store, below. If you would like to know more about Jesse we highly encourage you to stop by his Twitter, or his personal portfolio site. 


H: For those unaware, please state your name, the site you work for, and your role at said site:

JR: My name is Jesse Richman. I’m a Senior Writer at PropertyOfZack, which I’ve called home since 2010. I also do sporadic work for other sites, and maintain my own music blog as well (generally for more personal writing) at

Read More

In a little bit of a role reversal, my buddy James, the web content editor for music promotion-distribution company Haulix (and founder of Under The Gun Review) flipped the script and interviewed ME. Read on if you’re curious about my background, where my tastes came from, or just want some recommendations for folks doing great work in the music writing world!

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