The short answer is, “this is an mp3 blog”.

I’m a fan of concision, but in this case, I think the long answer might be a little more interesting than the short one.

I spent about six months maintaining AlbumADay, and while it was a fun ride, in the end I found the project unsustainable.  I was listening to as many as two or three new albums every day, and while I found a lot of great stuff I might never have heard before, I also found I never had any time to listen to the music I wanted to hear.

The fact is, there’s a tremendous amount of music being released every day, and attempting to keep up with it is a losing battle.  Which isn’t to say I’m done listening to new music; far from it!  But I’m willing to concede I can’t hear everything; moreso, I don’t WANT to hear everything.  I’d rather risk missing a few great moments than miss out on the chance to hear what I love, to enjoy it, and most of all to give some of that new music enough time to sink in, enough listens, for it to become the music I love as well.

Makeup For The Silence is something different.  Individual songs, rather than full albums, for starters.  New or old, obscure or inescapable, whatever is moving me at the moment.  No character limits, no restrictions.  No timeframe – I expect I’ll be posting a couple times a week, but I’m not going to feel bound by that in any way.  And maybe best of all for me, no specified format.  I might write a review, or a history of the artist.  Or I might write about how the song has connected to me personally, a moment in my life that made it special.  Perhaps an interpretation.  Social commentary.  Fiction.  I’m willing to write whatever the song asks me to write, and maybe you’ll be willing to read it.

Ultimately, Makeup For The Silence is about me and music.  Music as filtered through me; me as filtered through music.

This is what I think is being born here.  But like most things that are born, I suspect it will grow and develop into its own willful little being, one that might in the end be nothing like I expected.  That’s ok; I’m looking forward to watching it grow, and grow up.