We debuted our PropertyOfZack Playlist feature with Thrice just last week, so we’re thrilled to have them back in their weekly spot. Joining the band is American Dream Records (The Graduate, Ace Enders, Hawthorne Heights), and our reviewer, Jesse Richman. Check out the Playlists and listen to the songs while reading everyone’s thoughts!

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When warm green summer flings turn cold and brown, and all things, even love, wind down, I strangely find myself at ease in the chilly air and the falling leaves.  Somehow, wrapped in cold and gray, it feels ok to not feel ok. – Jesse Richman

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Fall has settled into the North Georgia mountains. There are lingering moments of summer sun during the days, but the nights are filled with the crisp, cold air that lets you know change is coming. For me, that’s what Fall has always been representative of.  It is a transitional time, both environmentally and socially, when leaves and lives fade away, the energy and buzz of summer runs out, and all you can do is begin to prepare yourself for the seemingly endless winter.  
Personally, I’ve always felt that Fall connects with music more so than any other season. Maybe it’s because so much of the music I love has elements of what the season itself represents. Maybe it’s a nostalgia for being in a certain place with a certain person at a certain time. Or maybe there’s just something that changes when at the end of the day it’s just you, the music you love, and that cold, quiet air outside.
This is a collection of songs that I connect with all of those feelings. – Joe Cubera

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Tom Waits – Goin’ Out West
Tom Waits – Alice
Tom Waits – Cold Cold Ground
If you’ve never heard Tom Waits, he’s one of my favorite humans. These three songs should give you a brief glimpse at the span of his work. Get into it. – Dustin Kensrue
The Beatles – Get Back *Song is currently not on Spotify
Quite possibly my kids’ favorite song. They both know all the words. I put my Beatles collection on shuffle the other day and this song came on. It made me smile. – Teppei Teranishi
Tom Waits – Johnsburg, Illinois
Tom Waits is one of my favorite artists. I love his insane and quirky stuff but I REALLY love him for his mellow stuff – so insanely beautiful. – Ed Breckenridge
Miles Davis – Blue in Green
Kind of Blue is one of my favorite records of all time. I’ve always really enjoyed Miles way of playing but,  what I did not realize until fairly recently is that Bill Evans piano playing is really what makes these songs sink deeper into my soul. I remember watching my dad listen to this song with his eyes closed in bliss. This song makes my eyes water every time I hear it. I love this song and love my Dad for introducing me to Jazz music. – Ed Breckenridge

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So PropertyOfZack rolled out a new Playlist feature last week, where bands, labels and the like post playlists along with links to Spotify.  They’ve also decided to include playlists from staff as well, and I’m honored to be featured alongside (among others) one of my all-time favorite bands, Thrice.

The playlist is actually a fall playlist I was working on for here initially; you can get to it on Spotify by clicking the cassette tape logo above.  If you’re not on Spotify yet or prefer having files you can actually move around and stuff (weird thought – pretty soon MP3 files:cloud music::CDs:MP3 files), I’ll put a link to download the mix up later tonight (along with some spiffy cover art).

Fall is my favorite season of the year; this mix has been helping me sink into it the last few weeks.