Last week, we celebrated five years of great content on PropertyOfZack. Those five years would not have been possible, or nearly as rewarding, without an incredible team that grew and shifted over the years. January 2015 will ring in a new era for POZ, but before we move forward, we wanted to give team members the opportunity to spotlight and celebrate their thoughts and passions for and around the site. 

Songs Of Ourselves features a writeup from 14 different team members, some of whom have been with us since the day the site was born or as recent as this past spring. 

The past five years have meant much more to me than I could ever put into words, but my team was able to help me to do that. I teared up while reading these. Thank you, TeamPOZ.

– Zack

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When I created MakeupForTheSilence years ago, the idea was it would be a place for me to write about music and myself and the ways and places where the two intertwine. 

As I’ve done more and more writing elsewhere over the past few years, it’s a subject I’ve revisited less, not because I have any less interest in it than before, but just because I’m busy writing about other music-related things. But it’s still something I think about regularly.

We’ve spent the past week at PropertyOfZack celebrating our 5th birthday. The site is due to undergo some serious changes in the new year, and this seemed like an appropriate time to look back, take stock and celebrate what we’ve accomplished. This is the capstone — an entirely solipsistic love letter to ourselves and the music, and that spot where we meet.