Preludes for Quaaludes Mix cover art

Part I

It is an absolutely miserable day outside.  It’s just above freezing, but the fine mist that’s falling has turned it into the kind of cold that cuts right through a couple of hoodies and absolutely chills you to the bone.

I generally love winter, but there’s no denying that February can be a hard month.  It’s still dark for most of the day, the snow has gotten wearying, the city is covered in grime, from street to buildings to sky, a pallid gray on gray on gray.

There’s two ways to attack the winter blues.  Sometimes you turn on all the lights, crank up some happy tunes, and pretend that summer is on it’s way.

But sometimes, you just want to wallow in the misery, find its comfortable cracks, like folds in the bedsheets, and slip on inside.  I made a pair of mixes a few years back to fit those moods.

I know I can’t be the only one feeling like this right now. So if you need it, I hope this helps. And if you don’t, grab them anyway, because we’ve all been there and we’ll all be there again.

Here’s to brighter days ahead.

Preludes For Quaaludes

  1. Suzanne Vega – 99.9F°
  2. Sneaker Pimps – Post-Modern Sleaze
  3. The Early November – The Power Of Love
  4. Nick Drake – Things Behind The Sun
  5. Old 97s – Valium Waltz
  6. Shelby Lynne – Black Light Blue
  7. Suede – She’s Not Dead
  8. Slobberbone – Live On In The Dark
  9. Pinback – AFK
  10. Wang Chung – Dance Hall Days
  11. The Dandy Warhols – Good Morning

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