The Early November – The Power Of Love

“The Power Of Love” is a curious thing. A #1 hit for 80’s rock-cheese icons Huey Lewis And The News at a time when #1 hits were truly inescapable, the track is blocky, chunky. (When Lewis later declared that “it’s hip to be square,” I’m not sure this was quite what he had in mind). The song opens with bright melodic uppercuts that might be Van-Halen-”Jump”-style synths and might be a horn section, tightly compressed staccato bursts that render any difference in timbre between those two potential bleat-generators indistinguishable. If the drums aren’t samples they ought to be, so metronomic in their methodical plod that they sound digitally quantized. The piercing blooze-guitar solo jabs and darts, intricate but unflashy, workmanlike. Lewis, for his part, is yarl-y in the right moments but largely controlled, each syllable a meticulously planned emotion (is “oomph!” an emotion?) spat out precisely so.


So, two big announcements!

1) As you can see above, I contributed a post to this week’s theme week, Songs Of Love And Hate, over at One Week One Band. Which leads to…

2) I’ll be taking over the One Week One Band blog for the last week of March! I don’t want to say too much more than that yet, but if things seem a little quiet here once I get through all my end-of-year stuff, it’s because I’m busy writing my tail off for that!