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Saturday night’s show was fucking great. Openers Waiting for Autumn were fantastic; they were pretty generic emo-rock stuff, alternated screaming/singing, big choruses, that kind of thing, but they pulled it off really well, and they’ve got the instrumental chops for it. Definitely enjoyed them. Hopesfall were kind of similar, a little more on the screamo edge; not my kind of thing, but they were energetic, and the kids were into them, so what the hell.

I don’t think I could rave enough about Onelinedrawing. Jonah (onelinedrawing is his one-man show, just him on electric guitar accompanied by a drum machine taped to R2D2’s head) has a fantastic voice, and just this phenomenal intensity. He’s one of those guys who can stand on stage all by themselves and have no trouble commanding the attention of the room. Lots of interaction with the audience (including stopping in the middle of songs frequently to chat). Came out without a setlist and just played requests for the full set. Who knew a solo electric Deftones cover could sound so fucking amazing. Plus, he leaks charisma out the ass like it was made of Olestra. (How’s that for a fucked up simile?) As he left the stage, he apologized for not having time to play everyones requests and promised to play more in the parking lot after the show.

Coheed and Cambria were good. Not amazing, but very solid. The crowd was fucking rabid for them however, and that makes all the difference; pretty much everyone was singing along the whole set. Sadly, their sound was kind of muddy, and they played a really short set (maybe 50 minutes). I think there were time issues or something, because they didn’t encore and never played Time Consumer. Still, they sounded great, played almost all of The Second Stage Turbine Blade (highlights included 33, Everything Evil and a sick sick run through Devil in Jersey City), and played one new track which sounded really excellent.

[A]s promised, after about half an hour Jonah came out to the parking lot with a little battery powered amp and played a 45 minute campfire-style set to the 60 or so kids who stuck around for him. Amazingly, the parking lot set was even better than the indoor set; intimate works really well for him, he played some quieter stuff, a couple unrecorded tracks that will have me preordering his new CD whenever he gets around to recording it. He said he’ll be back through town next month, and I’m gonna make a point to get out to see him.

originally posted 2/17/03