Makeup For The Silence Best Of 2011 Mix cover art

Last year, I posted my yearly Skyway mixtape exchange disc here, and hell, if once is good then twice is better, right?

I’ve backed off the rules a bit this time around.  There were a number of albums I absolutely loved this year as a whole where no one track really stood out; so, not all of my Top 10 Albums are represented here. Likewise, there seemed to be a ton of albums this year that largely disappointed, but had an absolutely stellar song or two buried in the muck. (I don’t think I’ve had such a hard time cutting one of these down to a single disc in a while; I could easily do a part two made up of equally-great stuff).

Also, last year, I made a point of avoiding any big radio singles in favor of stuff that might have gone overlooked; this year, it hasn’t really been necessary because I don’t think there has been a big radio single all year that I’m Gaga about, pun intended.

All that said, if you want a pretty good picture of what this year’s peaks sounded like to me, well then here you go.  It was a pretty poppy year in general for me even as the edges got more ragged than they had been in a while, and featured a serious sideline into robo-funk.  While it leans pretty heavily pop (I generally find that that’s where the strongest “singles” come from) I tried my best to find the right balance here.  Download*, listen, enjoy! Consider it my [insert any holiday you might celebrate here] present to you :]

Makeup For The Silence – Best of 2011

  1. No Church In The Wild – Jay-Z & Kanye West
  2. Came Out Swinging – The Wonder Years
  3. Someone Like You – The Summer Set
  4. History Of Modern (Part 1) – Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
  5. Kill The Beast – Go Radio
  6. Bullet Believers (Rah Rah Rah) – The Bigger Lights
  7. Saturday Skin – Sparks The Rescue
  8. Without You – Nocturnal Me
  9. With You – LMFAO
  10. Cryptozoology – Patrick Stump
  11. Icarus – Edelweiss
  12. See You Around – We Are The In Crowd
  13. Blackest Sky – Mansions
  14. Grass – Little Bombs
  15. Always – Panic! At The Disco
  16. Until I Die Alone – Never Shout Never
  17. Amor Fati – Washed Out
  18. No One’s Gonna Need You More – The Dangerous Summer
  19. Watch The World – Every Avenue
  20. Condolences – Touché Amoré

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*Also, if you’re one of those shiny future-people who digs things like “clouds” and “streaming”, I’ve gone ahead and Spotified this ish up for ya, just like that.  You’re welcome.