Tour Bus - Only Wanna Go Where My Wheels Roll art

I’ve been terribly neglectful of this here music blog lately.  I’ve been working a ton, and the little downtime I’ve had I’ve been more apt to shut my brain down than fire it up writing something.  I’ve stockpiled a list of 15 or so things I want to write about, and I’m sure that’ll be happening here soon, so expect to see some more content on the way.

In the meantime, I just posted a mix I made to my everyday tumblr, and figured I’d throw it on here as well.  A little slice of Americana that should do ya good for a lazy Sunday morning (or a quiet Saturday night!)

click on the cover art to dl, assuming I did this all right

  1. Dolly Parton – Seven Bridges Road
  2. Paolo Nutini – Coming Up Easy
  3. The Waco Brothers – Make Things Happen
  4. Alexa Prax – Blood Bank
  5. Bap Kennedy – Elvis Hank And Me
  6. Rhett Miller – Wave Of Mutilation
  7. Josh Rouse – Christmas With Jesus
  8. Uncle Tupelo – Still Be Around
  9. Wilco – Monday
  10. Dwight Yoakam – I Want You To Want Me
  11. The Replacements – If Only You Were Lonely
  12. Shelby Lynne – Why Can’t You Be?
  13. Murry Hammond – Wreck Of The 97
  14. Butch Walker – You Belong With Me
  15. Johnny Cash – One
  16. Gillian Welch & Alison Krause – I’ll Fly Away
  17. Billy Bragg & Wilco – California Stars
  18. Slobberbone – Live On In The Dark
  19. Slobberbone – Back