Makeup For The Silence Best Of 2010 Mix cover art

I’m a subscriber to an internet mailing list, Skyway, based on discussion of the band The Replacements. I’ve been on there since I was in high school, back when that really was the way you had discussions about bands on the internet.  (Well there and Usenet, but that was mostly an unmoderated cesspool).  One fun part of the list is that every year around Christmastime, they run a mixtape exchange.  (Or at least it was tapes back in the day; it later moved mostly to CD, and now I wouldn’t be surprised if people are just transferring files online and skipping the post altogether).  Typically I would try and come up with some sort of theme; this year, I just opted for a collection of the year’s highlights.

Which is a long way of saying that I’m posting my Best Of 2010 mix here for anyone who feels like downloading it.

A couple ground rules – I decided I wanted to try and get one song from each of my top 10 albums* on here, maybe not my absolute favorite track on each album but one that fit with the ebb and flow of the mix.  I rounded it out with some of my favorite songs of the year.  I tried to avoid anything that was a big pop single (hence no Cee Lo Green – Fuck You for example) and stuck to stuff that maybe people missed or overlooked.

So download, listen, enjoy! Consider it my [insert any holiday you might celebrate here] present to you :]


  1. Intro / Bombs Away – Foxy Shazam
  2. Don’t Stop Now – The Maine
  3. Bullet – Steel Train
  4. The Pleasure Of Your Company – My Favorite Highway
  5. Internet Killed The Video Star – The Limousines
  6. Outta Time – Mercy Mercedes
  7. I’ve Been Thinking – The Narrative
  8. Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind – The Reign Of Kindo
  9. Imaginary Enemy – Circa Survive
  10. Siren – The Graduate
  11. Riot Rhythm – Sleigh Bells
  12. Thinkin ‘Bout Her – What’s Eating Gilbert
  13. Darkness, Everybody – Man Overboard
  14. The Magician – Old 97’s
  15. She’s My Kinda Girl – Runner Runner
  16. Actors (Demo) – All Time Low
  17. Skin And Bones – Motion City Soundtrack
  18. I Cannot Speak – My Favorite Highway

click image to download

*if you know me, you know I do a big detailed Top 10 every year, and that I don’t post it until January.  This year, I was asked to compile my favorites for PoZ’s staff lists.  I’ll post a link to them here when they run on the site, but rest assured I’ll be doing a big long post about each record on the list, one a day in the new year, just like I did last year.