(feat. track – “The Fallen…”)

Sometimes it’s best not to mess with success.  Set Your Goals have gone through a couple years’ label and interband turmoil since their excellent debut “Mutiny” (and they’ve emerged all the stronger for it), but while some bands may have bent in the winds of frustration, it’s clear SYG have a vision for what they want to be, compromises be damned.  “This Will Be The Death Of Us” isn’t a reinvention, its a refinement, a distillation of what made both their first album and their live set so compelling.

That means lots of rapid-fire riffing, gang vocals, and an unrelenting intensity that often leaves you damned near breathless.  Though they occasionally sound like kids who just discovered a thesaurus and a Chomsky reader and can’t wait to share their newfound riches in the most didactic manner imaginable, it’s all delivered with such a manic enthusiasm that’s its hard to hold it against them.  And when they instead turn their camera on themselves, the results are raw and honest and pure.  Set Your Goals  are, dare I say it, the most exciting young band playing today, and their unwillingness to compromise makes their music all the more joyous.