(feat. track – “Brighter Bright”)

Piano rock is a funny genre in critical circles.  There’s something about the feel of the whole enterprise – maybe it’s just a 30 year Billy Joel hangover – that keeps it from getting much respect.  At the same time, it’s not really disrespected either. In the School Of Rock, its not the the nerd in the front row, but its not the wisecracking delinquent either – it’s the quiet kid in the corner who does his work diligently and tries not to be noticed.  I think there’s an implication that, because it’s generally inoffensive, it must also be bland and lacking in personality.  But when done right, it can be moving, intense, touching, funny, and, well, all the other things great music can be.  (Just ask any Ben Folds or Copeland fan).

The Egg Hunt is my favorite new entry in the genre in quite a while (though I should note My Favorite Highway’s excellent “How To Call A Bluff” nearly made this list as well).  Lush, hooky, slightly mournful, midtempo but never meandering, complex and well crafted, I’ve been listening to it for most of the year and yet I keep finding little touches I love, it never seems to get stale.   It’s a shame that Making April didn’t do more to push this one out on the public, so I could be touting this as more than just a buried treasure.  It’s worth digging up.

(as a postscript/disclaimer – my brother did a lot of work on this release.  For those of you who have followed my lists over the years, you know that stuff of his has appeared here before as well.  While I am immensely proud of his accomplishments, I am also a legitimate fan of his work, and think I would be even if I didn’t know him from, err, Adam.  I think we just have very similar sensibilities, which frankly makes a hell of a lot of sense.  Regardless, the point is when I write about his work, its not to promote him, but because I truly enjoy his art.  Both “Brighter Bright” and “Wide Awake” off of this Making April release are in my iTunes 25 Most Played, if that’s evidence of anything.)