(feat. track – Permanent Heartbreak)

Off The Deep End was easily my favorite debut album of the year.  I had enjoyed their That’s What She Said EP well enough, but I can’t say I saw this masterpiece coming.  With catchy lyrics, ridiculous hooks, funny and sweet in just the right amounts, and some of the biggest choruses I’ve heard all year, The Friday Night Boys threw a no-hitter on their first trip to the mound.  (A few production quibbles and a minor gripe with the sequencing are all that kept this one from being a perfect game IMO).

In a lot of ways I think it’s exactly what people were looking for – and didn’t get – out of All Time Low’s “Nothing Personal” this year, which of course begs the question: considering they have all the right friends, the right tours, and the right sound, why are The Friday Night Boys not HUGE right now? In what was a great year for pop albums, I guess it’s no surprise that a few of them seemed to skirt under the radar, but if I had had to pick one band that I would have expected to catapult to stardom this year, it would have been FNB.  (It actually happened instead to someone I NEVER would have expected, but we’ll be discussing that in a few picks…).

Regardless, I suspect these guys have some big things in store.  It may take another album, but I get the feeling that in, say, two more years, The Friday Night Boys are going to be the biggest name in their scene.