(feat. track – “Empty Space”)

I first discovered The Narrative this past April, opening for The Forecast (whose sublime “(May You One Day) Carry Me Home” is pretty safely one of my ten favorite songs of all time), and enjoyed their performance enough to track down their self-titled debut full length when it came out a few months later.  But nothing I saw that night could have prepared me for the absolute masterpiece that is this album.

Rather than rave about it again, you can read the review I wrote of the album over here.   I spent nearly 6 hours just on the writing stage of that review – that’s more than an hour per paragraph, for those counting at home.  Before sitting down to write, I listened to the album at least ten times that day and the day before, absorbing it as best I could. This is after already having listened to it steadily for four months.  I was that determined to get each and every word exactly right, the phrasing, the structure of each sentence, the mood of the piece.  I needed to capture it as perfectly as I could.

Really, I think that’s the best testament I can give to how great an album The Narrative is – it inspired me to go to those lengths just to be sure I was doing it justice. I couldn’t stand the thought that someone might read my review and not want to immediately run and hear it.  I didn’t want to let it down.  It deserved my best; it earned my best.

I hope it’s gotten my best.

[Stay tuned next week for #1, and then we’ll get back to normal around here!]