What the heck is this place?

The short answer is, “the digital home of music writer Jesse Richman”.

The story begins with AlbumADay, a twitter feed I began as a way to entertain myself during the hour or so I was spending at the gym each day. I would listen to at least one new album each afternoon while biking or treadmilling; the combination of listening to new albums and attempting to develop (brief) critical thoughts on each was a way to keep my mind off of the misery of exertion and exhaustion, and the self-imposed requirement of at least one review per day kept me showing up at the gym on days where my outside motivation wasn’t cutting it.

I spent about six months maintaining AlbumADay, and while it was a fun ride, in the end I found the project unsustainable.  I was listening to as many as two or three new albums every day, and while I found a lot of great stuff I might never have heard before, I also found I never had any time to listen to the music I wanted to hear.

I started Makeup For The Silence in 2009 as an alternative.  An new outlet for music blogging, one that would grant me both the space to go more in-depth on the songs and subjects about which I wanted to write and the opportunity to spend more time with music I knew and loved. A welcome respite from the constant deluge of exclusively new music that the AlbumADay project had demanded. A boundless space, with no requirements for posting frequency, entry length, subject matter, format or anything else. A place that could, and would, grow with me.

And so it has; over the last six years, Makeup For The Silence has grown into a place where longform music blogging and personal storytelling intersect. But in that time, a lot of other things have grown up along with it:

The new Makeup For The Silence collects all of these in one place. The original blog is, and will remain, the site’s centerpiece, but you’ll now find here easy access to everything else I write as well. If it’s a place at which I talk about music, you can get there from here.

Just as with Version 1.0, I suspect this version of the site will grow and change over time, and frankly that’s half the fun of having your own site. Just as before, I’m looking forward to watching it grow, and grow up.